Solutions that help international brands through the chaos of entering the US Online Marketplace

Get Market ready

It is super important to set the foundation for a great start in the US Online Market. We will work closely together with you and your company to get everything in place.

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Engage Audience

Correctly engaging your new market audience is a skill which should not be underestimated. We will teach your everything you need to be successful in a new market.

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Smart Scaling

Continuous improvement of processes is of essence. The markets are changing quickly. We will analyze new trends in order to stay ahead of the curve, always chasing to become better.

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Path to partnership

KD Global is not an out-of-the-box solution. Successful partnerships take time, planning, and careful consideration — resulting in a retail strategy tailor-made for your brand.



You learn about us, we learn about you. Together, we discuss your brand’s go-to-market strategy, pain points, and objectives — and determine how we can help make your goals a reality.



We determine what will create a healthy retail partnership — including which services will best serve your brand, what teams are needed to succeed, and which model makes the most sense.



We iron out the details and determine exactly which partnership model will drive your brand to success. From here we begin planning, creating an extended forecast of goals and action items.



You meet your KD Global team, who starts work for your brand right away. Through planning, execution, and team coordination, we immediately tackle your brand’s initial goals, while moving quickly to strengthen your brand’s e-commerce presence. 

Patrick Koehler

Founder & CEO

Patrick moved from Germany to the USA and has over 15 years of experience living in the States. After his studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology he worked in various manufacturing roles as an Industrial Engineer and traveled worldwide as a consultant. His dream of founding his own company came true in 2020. Patrick’s vision is to become the #1 contact for anyone who wants to start selling their products in the USA. KD Global shall be the gateway for any international company who wants to enter the US Market in Ecommerce. 

Patrick is responsible for all operations and acts as the Founder & CEO.

Gerold Wolfarth

Investor &  Board Advisor

Gerold started his business as a One-Man-Show in Germany more than 20 years ago. During this time, he built a company with over 200 employees from 33 countries and became the market leader for the planning, construction and maintenance of brick and mortar stores in entire Europe. Today Gerold is more than just an experienced businessman. He is active Investor and Mentor to many. His company, the bk Group, supports KD Global in networking with worldwide leaders. 

Gerold enjoys his role as direct advisor and board member to KD Global and very often joins the new client discovery sessions.

Let's talk about opening your brand to over 300 Million people in the USA.